Formatting Shortcuts

Some formatting features do not have a shortcut, e.g. Align LeftCenter, and Right. However these are links, you can press Insert + F7 to search and select these formatting actions, and press Enter to apply the formatting.

Heading 1 - 6Ctrl+1 - 6
Bullet ListCtrl+Shift+8
Numbered ListCtrl+Shift+N
Insert Files and ImagesCtrl+M
Insert LinkCtrl+K
Insert MarkupCtrl+Shift+D
Insert MacroCtrl+Shift+A
Insert TableCtrl+Shift+I
Cut RowCtrl+Shift+X
Paste RowCtrl+Shift+C
Add Row AboveAlt + Up Key
Add Row BelowAlt + Down Key
Paster above (Row)Ctrl+Shift+V
Preview PageCtrl+Shift+E
Indent (works only in lists)Tab
Outdent (works only in ists)Shift+Tab
Open Find and ReplaceCtrl+F
Undo an actionCtrl+Z
Redo an actionCtrl+Y
Publish ChangesCtrl+S

Global Shortcuts

Global Shortcuts need to be enabled per user in their Confluence settings in order for the below commands to work.
These shortcuts are accessible from Confluence view mode as well as edit mode.

Create Contentt
Go to Dashboardg followed by d
Open Notificationsg followed by n
Open Recently Viewedg followed by r
Browse Current Spaceg followed by s
Open Shortcut Helpp
Quick Searchg followed by s
Quick Searchh
Toggle Space Sidebarr
Create Pagec
Add Blogb
Add Taska followed by t
Next Inline Commentn
Previous Inline Commentp
Close Inline Comment]
Watch Pagew
Edit Labelsl
View Attachmentst
Favorite a Pagef

Autocomplete and Auto formatting in Confluence

Autocomplete and Auto formatting needs can be enabled or disabled. 

Bold Text

Put text between two *

Underline Text

Put text between two +

Italic Text

Put text between two _


Put text between two {{

Insert Image/Media!
Insert Link[
Insert Macro{
Insert two-row table||| + Enter
Insert five-row table||||| + Enter
Heading 1 formath1
Heading 5 formath5
Start a Bullet list* then space
Start a task list[] 
Start a numbered list1 then space
Undo Autocomplete and autofillCtrl+Z

Please also refer to Shortcuts for Jaws  and Shortcuts for NVDA for program-specific shortcuts