The Confluence main menu is located on the top of each page which is accessible from anywhere in confluence. The following is a set of links user will find in the main menu: Spaces, People, Calendars, Browse, Issues, Source, Create, Help, Notifications, User (Name of the person logged in).

Step 1 Press Insert + F7 to get a set of links on the page then search for the needed link. Next press Tab once to focus on the Move To Link button. Press Enter to move the focus to the selected link. Listen to the instructions if any otherwise move on to the next step.

Step 2 If the selected link is not a dropdown, press Enter again to access the selected link.

Step 3 If the selected link is a drop down, JAWS will say that the item has pop up links and you need to press Shift + Enter instead of only Enter to open a sub menu.

Step 4 Press Down Arrow to navigate the sub menu.

Step 5 Press Enter on the link that needed to be accessed.

Step 6 At any point if user needs to access another menu item repeat from Step 1.

Note If you need to access the Spaces drop down in the main menu, search for Spaces Recent Spaces in the list of links you get in Step 1. Then follow the instructions given by JAWS

Some exceptions while accessing the notifications through main menu

 If you need to search for the Notifications link please follow up to Step 1  and then follow the sub steps below.

 Sub Step 1 Follow the instructions given by JAWS to listen to the number of notifications.

 Sub Step 2 Press Enter followed by down arrow to access the notifications popup.

 Sub Step 3 Then Search for the header Notifications. It should be of level 2 for example h2

 Sub Step 4 Use Up Arrow and Down Arrow to navigate the notifications popup items.