Step 1 Press Insert + Ctrl + b to get a list of buttons on the page. 

Step 2 Select the Create Button from the list by pressing Enter.

Step 3 The focus will be on the Create button. Press Enter to get a popup to select a page type and the space you need to create the page.

Step 4 At this point the focus should be on the select space combo box and JAWS will let you know this by asking you to select a space. If this is not the case, press to navigate to the Select Space combo box. 

Step 5 Press Alt + Down Arrow to expand the combo box and use Up / Down Arrow keys to navigate to the needed space. If you know the space name you can type it to make your search easy. The current space is selected by default.

Step 6 After selecting the needed space, press Alt + Up Arrow Key to collapse the combo box.

Step 7 If you know the name of the template you can use the Filter edit box to narrow down the results. Press Insert + Ctrl + e to get a list of edit boxes on the page.

Step 8 Select the Filter Page Types Edit Filter and press Enter to get the focus on the edit text. Next type in the template name to filter.

Step 9 Press Insert + F7 to get a list of links and search for the links starting with the word Template. Since all page templates start with the word Template all of them should be together one after another.

Step 10 Now select the needed template type.

Step 11 If you do not know the name of the template just press Insert + F7 to find the links starting with the word Template and select as needed. For example, for a blank page it would be listed as Template Blank Page.

Step 12 Press Enter to get the focus on it and press Enter again to select that template. 

Step 13 Press Insert + F5 to get a list of form fields and select the second Create button and press Tab to Move To Link. Next press Enter again to Create the page. If there are any transition screens select Next button instead of Create button. Then use regular JAWS commands to access them. Note however, that some transition screens can have a next button instead of create button to move to other transition screens, before finally reaching the last transition screen.

Step 14 By default, you will be on the body of the page and you must hear the beep verifying that you are in the forms mode. Sometimes JAWS may ask you to press enter to access forms mode - please do so if thats the case. Finally, confirm by hearing the JAWS message Entering the page body. Modify page contents here.

Step 15 Start editing the page. At any point if you wish to add/modify the page title press Ctrl + Insert + e  to get the list of Editable fields. Then select the option that displays Page Title Edit New Page. Press Enter and JAWS will read out "Enter or modify page title. When done, press tab to move to the page body" as a confirmation that you are editing the page title. As instructed by JAWS, press tab to move to the page body. Otherwise you can go ahead and save or cancel your changes by selecting the pertinent button from Ctrl + Insert + b

Step 16 Finally, to save the page, press Insert + F5, then select the Save Button. Press Enter to focus on the save button. Press Enter again to save the page. Alternatively, you can also select the Cancel Button if you don't want to save the page.

Important A confluence page needs to have a title, else it wont be saved. So make sure that you have given the page a title, per Step 15 above.

Note When you search for a template in the edit filter within the Create Dialog Box, you should not use the word Template in the beginning. For example, if you want to search for the Meeting Notes Template from the edit filter, just type Meeting Notes and not Template Meeting Notes. However the search results will have the word Template prepended to them which makes it easier to group them.