Step 1 Press Insert + F5 to open the  " Select a Form Filed " dialog.

Step 2 Change the focus on " Search Edit " option from the list in " Select a Form Filed " dialog using " Up/Down Arrow " keys.

Step 3 Press the Tab key to change the focus to " Ok " button of the " Select a Form Filed " dialog.

Step 4 Press the " Space bar " key to open the " Search " dialog in Confluence global search option.

 Step 5 Enter the keywords you want to search for. As you type, confluence will update the search results on the fly.

Step 6 To enter into the list of search results for the first time from the search box, hit the down arrow key which will get into the virtual cursor mode. Then press down arrow again and then start traversing through the list. You can then navigate through the search results using up and down arrow keys.

Step 7 If you hear the search result you are looking for, hit Enter key and it will take you to the selected page.

Important Note

At any point traversing through the search items, if you want to repeat the search with something else, you will need to do the following steps

Step 1 Hit Shift + E to return to the search editor

Step 2 You need to confirm that you are in forms mode before proceeding further, by hearing the beep sound. For that, hit Enter key and you will hear the beep. Now you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3 Now you can enter the search item that you want and the search results are updated. Then you can traverse through the search results using up and down arrow keys.