Step 1 Once you are in the view mode of a confluence page, you can press Insert + Ctrl + b to get a list of buttons.

Step 2 Then select Edit Button and press Enter to get the focus on that button.

Step 3 Now press Enter again to go to the Edit mode of the page.

Step 4 By default, you will be on the body of the page and you must hear the beep verifying that you are in the forms mode. Sometimes JAWS may ask you to press enter to enter into forms mode. Please do so if thats the case. Finally confirm by hearing the JAWS message Entering the page body. Modify page contents here.

Step 5 Start editing the page. At any point if, you wish to modify the page title, hit Ctrl + Insert + e  to get the list of Editable fields. Then select the option Page Title Edit, followed by your page name. Press Enter and as a confirmation that you are editing the page title, JAWS will read out Enter or modify page title. When done, hit tab to move to the page body, which is what you should do to enter the page body again. Otherwise you can save or cancel your changes by selecting the pertinent button from pressing Ctrl + Insert + b.