Step 1 In the editor press Ctrl + Shift + a to enter the macro browser.

Step 2 The focus is on the macro filter editor. Additionally JAWS will say Enter the macro you want to search. Make sure you enter the forms mode.

Step 3 Type the macro name you want to search. The search results are updated on the fly as you start typing.

Step 4 At any point, if you want to access the search results, press Insert + F7 to get the list of all links. Search results for your macro will begin with the word Macro.

Step 5 At this point, to get a one line information about the macro, hit tab once to the Move to link and JAWS will read out one line of information about the macro. Hit Enter which will take you the macro dialog box. 

Step 6 Fill in the dialog boxes of the macro and press Shift + Enter to insert the macro in the editor.