Step  1: Press "Insert + F7" keys to open "Links List" dialog on the page.

Step  2: Press "Down or Up Arrow" keys to navigate through the links in "Links List" Dialog or type out the word "Boards" where JAWS will auto select the issue id in the list.

Step  3: Press "Tab" key to focus on "Move To Link" button of the "Links List" dialog.

Step  4: Press "Space Bar/Alt+M" key to focus on the "Boards" link in Jira menu bar.

Step  5: Press "Enter" key to expand/collapse the drop down list in "Boards" tab in Jira menu bar.

Step  6: Press "Insert+Alt+M" keys focus on elements in drop down list "JAWS will say press "Insert+Alt+M" keys to move the control elements". 

Step  7: Press "Up/Down arrow" keys to navigate through the elements in drop down list

Step  8: Press "Enter" key to access the selected element in the drop down list of the "Boards" tab in Jira menu bar.

Step 10: If the board is not part of the drop down, then select View all boards link by pressing the "Down arrow" key.

To find board from All boards, follow the steps below.

    • Press "Enter" key to access the Boards page in JIRA.

    • Press "Ctrl + Insert + E" keys  to open the "Select an Edit Box" dialog.

    • Navigate to "Unlabeled1 Edit  Find a Board" link using the "Up/Down arrow" keys in the "Select an Edit Box" dialog. 

    • Press "Tab" key to focus on "OK" button in the "Select an Edit Box" dialog.  

    • Press "Enter" key to move to the "Search" input box in Boards page in Jira.

    • Press the "Tab/Shift+Tab" keys to traverse through the boards list within the table.

    • Press "Enter" key to access the selected board in the table.