Step 1 User has to first navigate to the "Issues" link in the navigation bar and there are two main approaches for that,

  1. Press " Insert + F7 " choose "Issues Alt + i" from list of links and press Shift + Enter.
  2. Press "Alt + i"  to go to issues in top navigation and press Shift + Enter to activate the dropdown list which contains different Sections.

Step 2 Press "Down Arrow" and "Up Arrow" keys to navigate among the items in the dropdown.

Step 3 Once the User press the "Down Arrow" key JAWS will read out the items. JAWS will also inform the User when user Enters and Leaves a section. One of these Sections is "Recent Issues" which contains the 5 most recent Issue names the user accessed. User can navigate through each Issue and press "Enter" to go into the view mode of that Issue. And also the 6th item under the "Recent Issues" section is "more" where user can go to a screen where user can access more "Issues".

Step 4 Press Enter to access the current visited issue. To know about the content of the issue, please refer How to read content in View mode of an Issue.