Step 1 Press Insert + F6 to get a list of header tags on the page.

Step 2 Select the h2 tag with a name n Comments :2. n refers to the number of comments on the page. For example, if there are 4 comments on the page, select the 4 Comments :2 header. Then press Enter to get the focus on the Comments header. If you don't find a header matching to the above pattern, there will be no comments.

Step 3 Next press Tab to access comments. By pressing Tab you can navigate among the authors of different comments.

Step 4 Once you select the author of a comment JAWS will say the name of the author and comment author. Next JAWS will say to press Down Arrow key to read the comment and navigate among Comment actions such as Edit, Reply, Like and Delete.

Step 5 If you reach at the end of a comment JAWS will inform you that you reached the end of the comment and to press Tab to navigate to the next comment.

Step 6 Follow Step 3 to Step 5 to navigate among other comments. If you reached to the end of the last comment of the page, JAWS will say end of last comment