Steps to be followed by JAWS user


How to navigate to the recently accessed Issues by the User ? 
  1. User has to first navigate to the "Issues" link in the navigation bar and there are two main approaches for that,
    1. Press " Ctrl+F " to  bring up the JAWS search box and Type "Issues".
    2. Press "Alt+D" to go to the "Address Bar" of the page and press "Tab" until you reach the "Issues" link
  2. Once the User is on the "Issues" link press "Enter" to activate the drop down list which contains different Sections.
    1. Press "Insert+Alt+M" keys together to move to the controlled elements where JAWS can readout the content within the drop down list.
    2. Use "Down Arrow" or "Up Arrow" key to navigate among the items in the drop down list.
    3. Once the User press the "Down Arrow" key JAWS will read out the item which is focus in the drop down list. JAWS will also inform the User when he Enters and Leaves a section. One of these Sections is "Recent Issues" which contains the 5 most recent Issue names the user accessed
    4. Also the 6th item under the "Recent Issues" section is "more" where user can go to a screen where he can view more "Issues"
  3. Press "Enter" key to go into the view mode of that Issue.

How to read content in View mode of an Issue ?
  1. Press "Insert+F6" then User will get a set of <h> tags in the Screen. Each of these  <h> tag represents a section of the screen.

  2. User can select a section that he needs JAWS to read and press "Enter". Then JAWS will say the Section name and says how many items are in that section.

  3. Then user can press the "Down Arrow" key and it will navigate through all the items from left to right. Once all the items under that section is read, JAWS says that the user has reached the end of that section. Then if the user press "Down Arrow" key it will go to the next section and reads out the name of the section and say how many items are there. User can follow the same steps as the previous section or else the User can press "Insert+F6" to navigate to another section.

How to select "Create Issue" link once the User is on the View mode of an Issue ?

User can archive this in two ways.

    1. Press "Alt+D" to go to  the "Address Bar", then tab through the items until you find "Create Issue" link.
    2. Press "Enter" key to issue create dialog.

    1. Press "Insert+F7" keys to open "Links List" dialog.
    2. Use "Up/Down" arrow keys to go to the "Create Alt+c" tag.
    3. Press "Tab" key to focus on "Move To Link" button in "Links List" dialog.
    4. Press "Enter" key to activate the "Create Alt+c" button in menu bar.
    5. Press "Enter" key to open "Create Issue" dialog to the user.