General Jira Keyboard Shortcuts

Go to Dashboardg followed by d
Next Itemj
Browse to a Projectg followed by p
Go to Boardsg followed by a
Find Issuesg followed by i
Previous Itemk
Administration Quick Searchg followed by g
Go to Tempog followed by t
Log time with Tempow
Quick Search/
Create an Issuec
Quick Operations.
Open shortcut help?
Open Portfolio shortcut helpp followed by ?
Go to the View Portfolio pagep followed by v
Form SubmitAlt + s
View selected Issueo or Enter
Next Issuej
Previous Issuek
Toggle issue fullscreenz
Dock/Undock the Filters Panel[
Next Activityn
Previous Activityp
Focus search fieldf
Search for issuesu
Switch filter viewt
Detail View Order byy
Select issue detail view
Select list view

Issue and Board Shortcuts

Edit Issuee
Assign Issuea
Comment on Issuem
Send issue in emailq
Share Issues
Edit Issue Labelsl
Jump to fields for editing,
Log time on an issuew
Assign To Mei
Active sprints / Kanban board2
Presentation modez
Next Columnn
Previous Columnp
Hide/Show Detail Viewt
Log time on issuew
Toggle all swimlanes-
Send to Tops followed by t
Send to Bottoms followed by b

Shortcuts for formatting content

Formatting content is applicable only in block texts like Issue Comments or Issue Description
Some formatting features do not have a shortcut, e.g. 
Align LeftCenter, and Right. However these are links, you can press Insert + F7 to search and select these formatting actions, and press Enter to apply the formatting.


Apply the paragraph style


Apply a heading level of the number chosen to the current line

Ctrl+any number from 1 to 6

Apply the pre-formatted style


Apply the blockquote style


Make the selected text bold


Make the selected text italic


Make the selected text underlined


Format text with a strikethrough


Create a bulleted listCtrl+Shift+B
Create a numbered listCtrl+Shift+N

Please also refer to Shortcuts for Jaws and Shortcuts for NVDA for program-specific shortcuts.