NVDA shortcut keys

  • Some keyboard shortcuts require using the NVDA modifier key. By default, both the " Numpad Insert key and the Extended Insert key " are set as NVDA modifier keys, but users can designate the Caps Lock key as an additional NVDA modifier key.
  • In the tables below, the assumption is that the Insert key is being used as the NVDA modifier key. If you have changed your settings, you may need to substitute the Caps Lock key in the place of the Insert key.
  • These keyboard shortcuts are for NVDA's desktop keyboard layout setting, some shortcuts are different when using NVDA's laptop keyboard layout setting.

The basics

On/OffTurn NVDA onControl + Alt + N
Turn NVDA offInsert + Q
ReadingStop ReadingControl
Start reading continuously from this point onInsert +  or Numpad +
Read next item
Read next focusable item (e.g. link, button)Tab
ButtonEnter or Spacebar
HeadingsGo to next headingH
Go to next heading of level [1-6]1 - 6
List all headingsInsert + F7
LandmarksGo to next landmark/regionD
Elements listShow list of all links, headings, form fields, buttons, and landmarksInsert + F7
TablesGo to the next tableT
Navigate table cellsCtrl + Alt +  or  or  or 
ListsGo to the next listL
Go to the next list itemI
GraphicsGo to the next graphicG
LinksList all linksInsert + F7
Go to the next linkK
Go to next unvisited linkU
Go to next visited linkV
NavigateToggle between: Radio buttons,<select>list items, Tabs (ARIA widget), Tree view items (ARIA widget), Menu items (ARIA widget) or  or  or 
Go backwardTo previous heading, landmark, table, focusable item, etc.Shift + [H, D, T, Tab, etc.]

Reading text

LineSay prior line or Numpad 7
Say next line or Numpad 9
Say current lineInsert +  or Numpad 8
Start of lineShift + Numpad 1
End of lineShift + Numpad 3
Top of lineShift + Numpad 7
Bottom lineShift + Numpad 9
CharacterSay prior character or Numpad 1
Say the next character or Numpad 3
Say current characterNumpad 2
Say character phoneticallyNumpad 2 twice quickly
WordSay prior wordCtrl +  or Numpad 4
Say the next wordCtrl +  or Numpad 6
Say the current wordNumpad 5
SentenceSay prior sentenceAlt + 
Say next sentenceAlt + 
Say current sentenceAlt + Numpad 5
ParagraphNext paragraphCtrl +  or Q
SpellingSpell wordNumpad 5 twice quickly
Spell word phoneticallyNumpad 5 thrice quickly
Spell current lineInsert +  twice quickly
Spell current line phoneticallyInsert +  thrice quickly


TableGo to next (previous) tableT (Shift + T)
CellCell to rightCtrl + Alt + 
Cell to leftCtrl + Alt + 
Cell belowCtrl + Alt + 
Cell aboveCtrl + Alt + 


List allList all form elementsInsert + F7
NavigateNext form fieldF
Next focusable itemTab
Next buttonB
CheckboxesSelect and deselectSpacebar
Next checkboxX
Combo boxes (<select>)Open combo boxAlt + 
Browse/select options or the First letter
Select multiple optionsShift +  (or )
Next combo boxC
Radio buttonsToggle selection/
Next radio buttonR
Focus mode*Toggle between focus mode and browse modeInsert + Spacebar


* Focus mode allows you to enter data into form fields. The browse mode allows you to navigate the page using standard screen reader shortcuts.

Example: To navigate headings, landmarks, links, etc.

Other commands

Search for a word or a phraseNVDA + Ctrl + F
Keyboard helpInsert + 1
Next blockquoteQ
Next key you hit ignores NVDA and is a normal keystrokeInsert + F2
Speak characters typedInsert + 2
Speak words typedInsert + 3
Read entire foreground window (e.g. for dialogs)Insert + B
Announce the title of the current foreground windowInsert + T