There are two methods to enable unstoppable for your users. You CANNOT have both methods active at the same time. 

Creating accessibility group

Adding User Group

  • Once unstoppable is installed, create an accessibility group and add it to unstoppable in the configuration screen. Users who belong to the accessibility group will automatically experience enhance accessibility functionality.
  • First, create a new group from the Groups section under User Management. Once that group is created, add the intended user(s) to this new group.
  • Then head to the Permission section under Manage Apps and add the newly created group.

Adding users to the quick assignee list

  • Ryan Jones is an accessibility user shown in Blue
  • Ryan frequently assigns his issue to Sukhbir Dhillon, Himanshu Chhetri, Nelson, and few others shown in green.
  • By Adding those users in the assignee section, they will be suggested to Ryan Jones on top of the list in create issue screen.
  • You can find the details of this step at Post Installation Steps for Unstoppable for Confluence 

Using Hotkeys and Autodetection

Unstoppable also autodetect users who may have a need for accessibility. Alternatively, a user can press the Ctrl+Alt+U buttons (Command+Shift+U on Mac) to open the accessibility dialog box. 

Click Yes to enable unstoppable in the user environment. 

To disable Unstoppable, a user can use Ctrl+Alt+U again to open the accessibility dialog box.