There are two methods to enable unstoppable for your users. You CANNOT have both methods active at the same time. 

Adding User Group

  • Once installed, You will need to create an accessibility group and add it to Unstoppable in the configuration screen.
  • Users who belong to the accessibility group will automatically experience enhanced accessibility functionality.
  • First create a new group from the Groups section under User Management.

  • Once that group is created, add the intended user(s) to this new group.

  • Then head to the Configuration section under Unstoppable and add the newly created group.

Adding users to quick assignee list

  • Click the Cog icon and select the "User Management" tab

  • Search for the Unstoppable group by applying a filter and click on the "Edit Members" link to add the users

  • Click on the "User Picker" icon as shown in the image.

  • Search for the user using a filter and click on the checkbox to select it.

  • After selecting the user, they will be added to the "Add members to selected group(s)" field and then click on the "Add selected users" button

Using Hotkey 

The add-on can be enabled using the hotkey command. The user calling the hotkey must not be part of the accessibility group to call the dialogue box. 

  • Log in to Confluence 
  • Go to either dashboard, issue screen, backlog or agile board (Note: In most cases, the default login screen would be the dashboard)
  • Press the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+U . This will bring up the accessibility dialog box
  • Press Yes to enable Unstoppable for your JIRA. Or press "Close" if you do not want to enable.

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