Steps to Traverse to Active Sprint Board


Board without Swim-lane Grouping

  • To move to the Sprint Header, Press Insert + F6 to get the list of headers and choose Sprint. 
  • Note: All Sprints have a h2 header called Sprint .
  • From the Sprint Header , Press Tab to Navigate into the Board and lands user on the first column.
  • When user focuses into the Column Header. JAWS reads the Column Name and number of issues under it.
  • To shift between different columns in the board, press Ctrl + Q 
  • To go through the list of issues under each column , use the TAB Key.
  • Focus on each issue with in the sprint , JAWS reads the following information 
    • Issue type
    • Issue number
    • Summary

Reading Task and Subtask information

  • Scenario 1 :  If a task and its subtasks are in the same column then JAWS will read a summarize about the Parents task and number of Subtask in the grouping. Pressing Tab here will take the user to the parent task first and then to each of the Subtask under the parent.
  • Scenario 2 : If a subtask is in a column without the parent task then JAWS will read let the user know about the parent issue it belongs to and the read the details about the subtask

Sprint Board with Swim lane Grouping

If the sprint board is grouped using Swim Lanes. The follow instructions apply

  • All Swimlane have a header h2 based on the swim lane group name
  • Press Insert + F6 to get list of Headings
  • All Swimlane names are list are h2 header. Choose the specific Swimlane Heading and Choose Move To
  • JAWS will read the header when focus is on the specific swim lane.
  • Press Tab to navigate into the issues with the Swim lane